Javius Strategic Partners - Process and Monitoring

Process and Monitoring

As part of our process, our Investment Committee carries out detailed research and analysis to identify the most suitable securities for your portfolio. Once included in a client’s portfolio, all securities are regularly monitored, including by the Investment Committee, to ensure everything is kept up to date and aligned with the latest market and financial data and overall economic environment.

Our team watches over your portfolio and makes realignments, alterations, and adjustments when circumstances dictate.

Javius Strategic Partners monitors your accounts on several levels, ensuring portfolios stay aligned with previously established parameters, such as your aims and objectives.

Your ability to see and understand what we do and why we do it is almost as important as the actions we take. We believe that transparency and constant communication ensures you have all the information you need to evaluate whether we are living up to what we said we would do and is key to establishing and maintaining trust.

Effective communication begins as soon as you open your account, with conversations covering issues ranging from your overall goals and objectives, to discussing your time horizon, attitude to risk, and unique circumstances. This information is then used to tailor a personalized, individual plan.

After the portfolio has been set up, maintaining open and frequent communication is a central part of our ongoing service standards. It’s up to each client how frequently these conversations happen, but we recommend a discussion to review progress and update changes in your situation at least once a quarter.