Javius Strategic Partners - Families and Individuals

Families and Individuals

At Javius Strategic Partners, we work with each client or family to define what their specific needs are and how we can best help them achieve their objectives. Each client has their own situation and different circumstances than the next, which is why each approach is individually tailored.

Whether you seek to protect your current lifestyle, are newly wealthy, want to plan an enduring legacy, or simply grow your wealth, we help you navigate, design, and implement plans that will prepare you for whatever the future brings.

We utilize an investment philosophy tailored to your specific needs and use equities as our primary asset class, supported by bonds, ETFs, and other securities as the situation dictates. This approach ensures that all investments are aligned with your investment objectives and are within your accepted risk tolerances.

Retirement planning
  1. Funding a comfortable retirement
  2. Reviewing pension payouts
  3. Analyzing employer stock options
Raising a family
  1. Buying or moving home
  2. Saving for higher education costs
  3. Analyzing insurance coverage
Legacy planning
  1. Estate planning
  2. Charitable giving
  3. Trust management
Divorce and separation
  1. Division of assets
  2. Needs evaluation
  3. Post-divorce planning
New wealth
  1. Financial review
  2. Tax planning
  3. New objectives

Services for Families and Individuals

Portfolio Management

Asset allocation and diversification are critical to sagacious portfolio management, and risk management is a central consideration of our investment philosophy.

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Financial Planning

Effective financial advice can be crucial in safeguarding and increasing wealth to achieve objectives such as a comfortable retirement, charitable giving, or establishing an enduring legacy.

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Retirement Planning

Our ultimate goal is to prepare you financially for retirement so that when the day comes, you can relax and be confident that your financial future is secure.

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