Javius Strategic Partners - Financial Planning

Financial Planning

At Javius Strategic Partners, complementary to our investment advisory services, we offer clients comprehensive financial planning services as part of our responsibilities as a fiduciary. In today's increasingly complicated world of investments, savings, estate, and retirement planning, effective financial planning is instrumental in ensuring all efforts are synchronized and serve to achieve client goals.

Effective financial advice can be crucial in safeguarding and increasing wealth to achieve objectives such as a comfortable retirement, maintaining a lifestyle, charitable giving, or establishing an enduring legacy for generations to follow.

Some of the financial planning services we provide include:
  1. Retirement planning
  2. Multi-generational planning
  3. Charitable giving
  4. Divorce or separation concerns
  5. Strategies for concentrated stock holdings
  6. Restricted stock
  1. Stock options
  2. Tax planning (in conjunction with your tax adviser)
  3. Estate planning
  4. Insurance needs analysis and review of existing cover
  5. Higher education costs
  6. Cash flow

We synchronize the efforts of the client’s team by coordinating with outside legal and tax professionals. We provide unbiased, independent advice that puts the client first and avoids conflicts of interest. We do not sell insurance products or receive referral fees, financial inducements, or other compensations from insurance companies, mutual funds, or any other third-parties for recommending their products or services.