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Foundations Associations and Endowments

At Javius Strategic Partners, we do not subscribe to the school of thought that suggests that one size can fit all. We take the time needed to really get to know your organization, not only your aims and objectives but also your culture and what it is you stand for. We then create an individualized investment plan for your organization and tailor our services and communications to your particular requirements and preferences. We appreciate that each organization is as unique as each portfolio we construct here at Javius Strategic Partners

Whether your organization is charity focused, serves the community, offers scholarships, or other services, we can help you work towards what you are striving to achieve. We will handle the management of your assets, so you can focus all your resources on accomplishing your goals. We work in close unison with the team from your organization and your other professional advisers to deliver the information necessary to fulfill your financial and reporting requirements.

Investment reports are typically prepared quarterly, but the frequency can be adjusted to suit your needs and requirements when making presentations to your board, officers, or other interested parties.

We always recommend that there is a clearly defined Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that sets out the investment parameters we are to follow. It also ensures that our company and your organization are both sure about what it is you are seeking to achieve and which of your objective are priorities. Transparency of communication is essential to the success in attaining your goals. If you do not have an IPS already prepared, we can assist in helping you write one that defines the priorities and objectives of your organization, or we can help you update an existing one.

The guidelines defined in your IPS provide the framework upon which we build your investment portfolio and conduct the management of your assets.