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For Institutions

One of our proudest accomplishments at Javius Strategic Partners is that our client retention rate when managing institutions' assets is even higher than our individual clients. As with our individual clients, we use a highly personalized and tailored approach to portfolio management that addresses your organization’s particular requirements and needs. We generally employ equities and bonds as the primary investment method and ensure the holdings we buy are in line with your specific investment objectives and acceptable risk levels.

Using individual equity holdings rather than mutual funds allows us more flexibility and personalization to provide a service designed around you and also reduces expenses that would be incurred with the layering of fees associated with mutual funds.

We strongly believe that the personalized service that we provide both for institutional and individual clients is what sets us apart and enables us to maintain such high retention rates.

Types of institutional clients we have worked with include:

Foundations and Endowments
  1. Private or private operating foundations
  2. Scholarship endowments
  3. Community service endowments
  1. Homeowners
  2. Professions and trades
  3. Alumni
Retirement Plans
  1. Pension fund
  2. Cash balance
  3. Profit-sharing
Nonprofit organizations
  1. Public charities
  2. Other non-profit entities

Here at Javius Strategic Partners, we are very familiar with the issues and challenges that institutions face as some of our team members have spent time serving on institutional boards, finance committees, and investment committees. This level of understanding, combined with our personalized approach, puts us in a better position to successfully meet the ambitions of our institutional clients.

Services for Institutions

Portfolio Management

We use both a top-down and bottom-up approach to investing, carrying out in-depth studies of the company and an analysis of the wider industry, sector, economy, and geopolitical climate.

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Foundations, Endowments, and Associations

At Javius Strategic Partners, we do not subscribe to the school of thought that suggests that one size can fit all. We take the time needed to really get to know your organization, not only your aims and objectives but also your culture and what it is you stand for.

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