Weaponizing COVID

What we have now learned that COVID is far more than a public health issue. It has morphed itself as a political virus that is being used to propagate an agenda that demands drastic economic and societal changes - that would be impossible under “pre-COVID” circumstances.

We can only deduce what is really going on by the manner our global political elites have used COVID for an ambiguous agenda and are now using infection rates to conceal their true intentions. As economies grind to a near halt and everyone else is pushed to stay indoors for a disease which is demonstrably not a threat to humanity.

Yes, you have a 99.999967% of survival should you catch the disease.

And now, Trump is using COVID for his reelection campaign. We shall soon find out how that strategy works out.

After that heated, almost farcical first debate with Biden, Trump once again went to Twitter to announce that he and his lovely wife Melania got infected with COVID. Imagine, the world’s most protected personage contracts COVID – which we now argue given all the brouhaha on masks, social distancing together with all the other ridiculous lockdown measures that the health dictatorship around the world have dictated and imposed, is nothing but a cynical, cruel distraction, even a mirage.

Maybe there is a deeper agenda to it. Should this script of “Trump gets infected with COVID” be a preplanned event, then we can only surmise Trump's action plan goes as follows:

1. In the coming weeks, Trump will be in isolation of one sort or another and continue to perform his duties as President – with little or no public and television appearances as circumstances and needs be;

2. As the two remaining debates are canceled, Trump will no longer worry about all his lies and unsubstantiated attacks, deterring the possibility of losing more points;

3. Favorable public opinion will increase because the American public will think that the President has the spirit of hard work. An American hero, who alone has sought to downplay the virus and all the concomitant regulations that he profoundly despises, as he correctly sees it as a direct assault on personal liberty and democracy.

4. Since public interest will be focusing on Trump and his health, he does not need to respond to all the negative news and adverse accusations, which many voters are presently searching for answers;

5. In the coming three weeks, the media will be reporting the progress of his Covid-19 sickness every day. No one will be paying much attention to Biden unless he contracts it!

6. A few days before the election, the medical teams will issue a medical bulletin officially announcing the complete recovery of the president and hold a number of press conferences to project Trump as an American superhero who had overcome the sickness in the great spirit of the United States. He is absolutely worthy of the support of the electorate for four more years;

7. As far as Biden is concerned, no one will be paying any attention or care about what he is doing. Any attack on Trump will only lose points for him as it gives the impression that he is just too old, callous demented, and cold-blooded. Biden has already withdrawn all his negative campaign ads against Trump as he realizes how any medical offensive could backfire. Further, Biden is closely associated with more state intervention and regulation to combat the virus. In stark contrast to Trump.

All in all, Biden could be finished in a cloud of lies, half-truths, and deceptions - with Trump resurrecting from COVID19 ala Lazarus to lead the US for another four more years.

They used to say a week is a long time in politics. I think now we could recalibrate that to one hour!

And America will find a new messiah in Trump.