Covid Weary

The above sarcastic caption illustrates the cynicism, dark humor, and hopelessness gathering ascendancy.

While in no way denying or disputing that we are dealing with a global health crisis, what must be addressed is the failure of so many Governments worldwide to handle the situation. With few exceptions, Taiwan & Vietnam notably, the entire pandemic is now creating far more troubling questions than providing satisfactory answers.

As of writing and to our knowledge, there are about 80 coronavirus vaccines in early-stage clinical trials and 23 in final phase 3 trials. All of them will be providing efficacy data in due course. King’s College London believes that “the chances of dying from a blood clot caused by any vaccine currently on the market are similar to the chances of being struck by lightning.”

For all this, we are told by health authorities that the benefits of vaccination still far outweigh the considerable risks associated with Covid-19 despite no evidence of long-term efficacy or possible unwelcome side effects.

Norwegian and German health regulators were the first to warn of possible clotting issues, with AZ stating about one-fifth of patients admitted to hospital with Covid-19 experience blood clots. Worryingly, 'clotting' is a factor that has been mentioned with respect to many vaccines tackling Covid./p>

As the 'politicization' of the virus has increased, we now have Denmark banning the Astra Zeneca vaccine entirely and the EU in shambolic disarray as to forming a unified vaccination response.

This is just another instance that reflects the high degree of risk-aversion in the EU combined with mistrust spreading globally – with even an MEP accusing AstraZeneca of having a culture of dishonesty. The Astra Zeneca share price suffered from the 'clotting concerns' now at $50 below its recent peak of $65 in October 2020.

Away from the major global pharmaceutical companies, India, with its fast-growing infection rate, has seen its drug industry developing medications. Smaller players like Dr. Reddys, Cipla, Cadila Healthcare and Nifty Pharma have gained nearly 14% in April alone.

Equally in the USA, there's growing impatience and weariness of masks, lockdowns and the conflicting data that was meant to justify many of the onerous health protocols that some States enacted.

States that refused to implement lockdowns and the evidence that lockdowns which were implemented really had no discernible effects as to infections and mortality, but instead illustrated the adverse effects to general health [with mental health of particular concern] the economy and the dangerous societal consequences.

All of which given now, [more than 12 months later, since its onset] with 141 million cases globally of which three million-plus have died due to Covid [we are informed], the many imponderables as to the accuracy of statistics quantifying or qualifying cause of death given Covid's acknowledged targeting of the obese, elderly, and others with serious pre-existing health issues.

Now the arrival of mutations, be it Brazilian, South African, or wherever in origin, that may or may not be resistant to any presently known vaccine.

Further, the 'prospect' of ever more restrictions to our liberties, the major distress to the poor and malnourished in third world countries, the engineered chaos from medical health passports, to drug companies [Pfizer] warning that vaccines will be needed annually, to a constant chorus of screening and distancing that mainstream media is unapologetically propagating.

The question now beckoning:

Why take any vaccine that's not a proven antidote for a virus that, in any case, over 99% of populations fully recover from or are unaffected anyway?

We seem to be nearing an inflection point where populations worldwide have lost both patience and trust in politicians, health 'experts' and their Government’s handling of the issue and a gathering resentment of the ongoing restrictions together with the debilitating and exorbitant economic costs, not to mention the longer-term societal consequences that have been unleashed.


This same factor helps to explain the drumbeat of fears pounded out by the mass media. Besides serving their own interests in capturing an audience, they buy insurance against government punishment by playing along with whatever program of fear-mongering the government is currently conducting. Anyone who watches, say, CNN can attest that a day seldom passes without some new announcement of a previously unsuspected Terrible Threat—Call it the Danger Du Jour.

By keeping the population in a state of artificially heightened apprehension, the government-cum-media prepares the ground for planting specific measures of taxation, regulation, surveillance, reporting, and other invasions of the people's wealth, privacy, and freedoms.